Land For Sale in Tennessee, 2.73 Acres In Fentress County, TN

1197 Ashburn Rd, Monterey, TN 38574, USA


Are you looking for a great piece of land in Monterey to build your new home? Or maybe you’re looking to build a holiday home to enjoy what Tennessee offers? This 2.73-acre lot could be exactly what you need!

Located on a dead-end road, this land is heavily wooded and provides privacy and the ultimate getaway from city life.

Access to the land is currently through the front, and the right of way is on the newly recorded deed. However, there is also a road on the back end of the property that just about reaches the edge of the property line. The previous owner did not approve this second access, but it can be easily done if required.

This piece of land is perfect, providing privacy and easy access to Monterey, Cookeville, and Crossville if you want to go shopping or head to a restaurant. Monterey is a town in Fentress County with less than 18,850 people.

The Monterey area is well-known for many reasons. It has a fascinating history and was once the “Golf Stick Capital of the World” thanks to its production of hickory golf sticks! This scenic mountain town has one of the ten destinations in the U.S.—Meadow Creek Park—to receive a national rock climbing conservation grant. So, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, scenic landscapes, and fresh mountain air, it doesn’t get much better than Monterey.

This piece of land in Monterey, TN, holds the potential to become a secluded getaway from bustling city life. With so much to see and do in the surrounding areas, you can either live there permanently or build the perfect vacation home to relax.

Easement: The right of way is on the new recorded deed as well. There is also a road on the back side of the property that almost reaches the edge of the property line. The prior owner said he researched it and it was short, but not by much. He said he intended to get that second access approved, but just never followed through with it.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: The land in this listing can be accessed through deeded access rights, but there is currently no physical access to the property.

This land is located in an opportunity zone; (Learn More(Tax Benefits Opportunity Zone)

In a nutshell, Opportunity Zones are low-income districts that have historically been distressed and in need of revitalization. They’re set aside by the U.S. government as areas where private investors can receive significant tax breaks and deferrals for their investments.

Investors can put money into a variety of projects, including businesses, real estate, infrastructure, or pretty much anything else that the IRS deems beneficial to the community. For example, if an investor has capital gains from a stock sale, they can re-invest those funds into an Opportunity Zone project—and defer any taxes on those gains until 2026. On top of that, if the investor holds onto the investment for at least ten years, then they get to claim all of their deferred gains tax-free! That’s right: no taxes on your initial deferred gains AND no taxes on any additional capital gains you make off the investment.

About Monterey, TN

Monterey was a settlement built around a landmark known as the Standing Stone. This landmark was a guidepost for travelers and also served as a boundary marker between the Cherokee and Shawnee lands. The Standing Stone was blown up when they were preparing the railroad, but a fragment was saved and is still present in Whitaker Park. The Standing Stone Monument represents the rich history of Monterey since before the railroad development, and is still the centerpiece of celebrating Native American Heritage in the area.

You can find Monterey on the Cumberland Plateau between Nashville and Knoxville. The town has become known as Fentress County’s mountain town, with majestic landscapes, one-of-a-kind shops, and several outdoor escapes. Whether you like hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, the town has several facilities that will satisfy any outdoor enthusiast. This is what makes the area perfect for a holiday home.

Monterey Claims to Fame

Monterey’s Meadow Creek Park is 1 of only 10 destinations in the U.S. to receive a national rock climbing conservation grant.

Was once the Golf Stick Capital of the Worlds. Made from hickory!

Featured on the Outdoor Channe’s Fishing University in 2017

About Fentress County, TN

As much as Monterey is a part of Putnam County, this land falls under Fentress County, thanks to the county lines. Fentress County was formed in 1823 and was the site of important saltpeter mines in its early years. The saltpeter mined in Fentress County was used to create gunpowder for the Civil War. Nowadays, Fentress County is known for its incredible parks, rivers, and homegrown restaurants. It’s an all-American county with beautiful sights, museums rich in history, and towns that people love!


Land Size: 2.73

APN:  3410140762004100

Legal Description: DIST:04 DISTRICT: 04, COUNTY AREA: C01 MAP REF:155

Property Taxes: $ 80.00

Title: Warranty Deed

HOA: $0.00

Zoning & Restriction Information


What Can Be Built on the Property: Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Time limit to build? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Are mobile homes allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Mobile home restrictions if any: N/A

Are RV’s allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

RV restrictions if any: N/A

Are Tiny Homes Allowed: Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Tiny home restrictions if any: N/A

Is camping allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Camping restrictions if any: N/A

 Utilities & Internet Information:

Water: Water is available there. 

Sewer & Septic: Septic should already be there. 

Electric: Would have to contact Volunteer Energy Co-Op – 931-839-2217 or Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation – 1-800-261-2940

Gas: Would have to contact Amerigas Propane Exchange 1-888-428-9779 or Gatorgas LP Inc – 352-542-8420

Waste: Would have to contact Waste Pro USA – Fanning Springs – 352-463-6200

Water & Sewer infomration updated is provided by Fentress county utility district – 931-879-7639

Municipal and County Officials

Fentress County Planning & Zoning Department: 931-879-7713 (Website)

Fentress County Assesor Office: 931-879-9194 (Website)

Fentress County Treasurer’s Office: 931-879-9194 (Website)

Fentress County Recorder or Circuit Clerk Office: 931-879-8014/7818 (Website)

Fentress County, TN GIS Link

Fentress County, TN Zoning Link

What’s Nearby

Things to Do

19 Minutes – Monterey Depot Museum – 14.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

28 Minutes – Stonehaus Winery – 20 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

29 Minutes – Crossville Model Railroad Club – 19.7 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

37 Minutes – Cumberland Homestead Tower Associations – 27.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

37 Minutes – Dogwood Park – 29.7 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

33 Minutes – Military Memorial Museum – 21.2 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

37 Minutes – Heart of the City Playground – 29.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

4 Hour 5 Minutes – HIgh Museum of Art – 224 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

Nearby National, State, and Local Parks (Must do at Least 5)

37 Minutes – Cumberland Mountain State Park – 27.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

39 Minutes – Cane Creek Park – 33.1 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

39 Minutes – Ozone Falls State Natural Area – 33.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

43 Minutes – Central Park Livingston – 33.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

46 Minutes – Burgess Falls State Park – 39.1 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

50 Minutes – Cummins Falls State Park – 40.3 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

57 Minutes – Standing Stone State Park – 44.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

1 Hour 14 Minutes – Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area – 47.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

Local Towns Near

6 Minutes – Clarkrange, TN – 3.6 Miles (Driving Directions)

12 Minutes – Muddy Pond, TN – 6.5 Miles (Driving Directions)

15 Minutes – Roslin, TN – 10.8 Miles (Driving Directions)

16 Minutes – Plateau, TN – 10 Miles (Driving Directions)

16 Minutes – Woody, TN – 12.5 Miles (Driving Directions)

18 Minutes – Cliff Springs, TN – 11.4 Miles (Driving Directions)

18 Minutes – Obey City, TN – 11.7 Miles (Driving Directions)

20 Minutes – Bowman, TN – 14.3 Miles (Driving Directions)

23 Minutes – North Crossville Addition, TN – 16.7 Miles (Driving Directions)

27 Minutes – Catoosa Country, TN – 16.8 Miles (Driving Directions)

31 Minutes – Catoosa Canyon, TN – 19.4 Miles (Driving Directions)

32 Minutes – Genesis, TN – 21.3 Miles (Driving Directions)

57 Minutes – Cold Springs, TN – 47 Miles (Driving Directions)

1 Hour 9 Minutes – Jonesville, TN – 61.9 Miles (Driving Directions)

1 Hour 47 Minutes – Mill Creek, TN – 110 Miles (Driving Directions)

Major Cities Near

1 Hour 27 Minutes – Knoxville, TN – 88.2 Miles – Population 192,648 (Driving Directions)

1 Hour 44 Minutes – Nashville, TN – 108 Miles – Population 692,587 (Driving Directions)

2 Hour – Chattanooga, TN – 109 Miles – Population 182,113 (Driving Directions)

3 Hour 13 Minutes – Lexington-Fayette, KY – 165 Miles – Population 321,793 (Driving Directions)

3 Hour 42 Minutes – Louisville, KY – 192 Miles – Population 628,594 (Driving Directions)

4 Hour 8 Minutes – Atlanta, GA – 226 Miles – Population 496,461 (Driving Directions)

4 Hour 17 Minutes – Cincinnati, OH – 243 Miles – Population 308,935 (Driving Directions)

4 Hour 9 Minutes – Birmingham, AL – 247 Miles – Popluation 197,575 (Driving Directions)

5 Hour 25 Minutes – Charlotte, NC – 317 Miles – Population 879,709 (Driving Directions)

5 Hour 23 Minutes – Indianapolis, IN – 305 Miles – Population 882,039 (Driving Directions)

6 Hour 1 Minute – Columbus, OH – 351 Miles – Population 906,528 (Driving Directions)

7 Hour 17 Minutes – Fort Wayne, IN – 425 Miles – Population 265,974 (Driving Directions)

Address & Coordinates

You can view the land anytime provided that it’s available

The actual address as it appears on tax record is: 1197 Ashburn Rd , Monterey, TN38574 (Google Map)

How To Buy This Land? Very Simple 4 Step Process Below

Step 1: Contact us to get a Purchase Agreement

Step 2: Once all parties have signed. A $1,000 deposit required with escrow and closing agent. You’ll need to come up with rest of the funds at the time of closing.

Step 3: Await title company to come back clean/clear. Usually takes 10-15 days to process title.

Step 4: Once all is complete, you’re land owner!


*This Property is presented For Sale By Owner. Seller is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Florida.

*All information is provided as a courtesy and implies no guarantee. We strongly recommend buyers perform their own due diligence to ensure the property is capable of serving the intention for purchase.”


Updated on April 23, 2024 at 1:25 pm
  • Land Area: 2.73 Acres
  • State: TN
  • County: Fentress
  • City: Monterey
  • Address 1197 Ashburn Rd
  • Zip/Postal Code 38574

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