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About LandSelz

Landselz.com is your premier source for discounted land throughout the U.S. We pride ourselves in finding deeply discounted land so that you the buyer can reap the reward and start tackling on your next land-building projects!

Our services to you are helping locate the deeply discounted properties through our various network of deal flows. This includes but isn’t limited to the following:

– Direct deals that we have negotiated, bought, and re-selling below market value which at times will be clearance prices!

– Networking with other direct contract wholesalers

– Partnership with direct discounted sellersUnlike many other real estate 

Our LandSelz.com experts help do the dirty work in sifting, sorting and spotting great land deals! We have marketing in place and trained staff doing the dirty work of sorting the arrangements for you. In return, this will make your venture into land-buying business 100% easier. We bring profitable land deals directly to you.

Meet our Team

Meet our LandSelz expert team dedicated in helping you find discounted land deal all throughout the U.S.

Edgar Urbina
Edgar Urbina
In the fast-paced and sometimes cutthroat business of real estate lands for sale, it’s wonderful to find a high spirited practitioner who believes that wealth building through real estate and a generous spirit can stand toe-to-toe.

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