Land For Sale In Arkansas, 6 Acres In Redfield, Jefferson County, AR

  • $34,900
Arrowhead Rd, Redfield, AR 72132, USA


Welcome to a prime opportunity to acquire 6 acres of captivating land in the charming town of Redfield, Arkansas. This exclusive parcel offers an ideal location, surrounded by natural beauty and convenience. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, establish a tranquil retreat, or simply embrace the great outdoors, this remarkable property is sure to exceed your expectations.

Situated on this expansive property, you will discover a small creek, which gracefully winds its way through the land. While peaceful and scenic, this creek does not pose any significant issues for the parcel. In fact, it adds a touch of serenity and provides the perfect ambiance to enjoy the natural surroundings.

As you venture further into the property, you’ll observe the road that leads you to this picturesque oasis. Mostly consisting of dirt that ensures easy access to and from your private retreat. Furthermore, nearby culverts serve as spill-offs from the other side of the road, making the journey seamless and hassle-free.

Electricity pole nearby ensures easy access to power, simplifying the process of building your ideal oasis. Additionally, with 213.96 feet of road frontage, you’ll have ample space to establish your own private entrance and seamlessly integrate your vision for the property.

One of the many astonishing features of this property is its close driving distance to the magnificent Arkansas River. Flowing nearby, just a short distance away, the river offers exciting opportunities for water-based activities. Boating, fishing, and leisurely walks along the riverbanks can become a regular part of your lifestyle.

The surrounding area of Redfield, Arkansas, offers a blend of both tranquility and community spirit. This close-knit town is known for its friendly residents and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll have the best of both worlds, with the ability to enjoy a peaceful countryside setting while still being near local amenities and services. Restaurants, shops, schools, and medical facilities are conveniently located within a short drive, allowing you to enjoy the perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility.

This extraordinary 6-acre property in Redfield, Arkansas presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the haven you’ve always envisioned. With its small creek, firm dirt road, close proximity to the Arkansas River, nearby electricity pole, and ample road frontage, this land offers endless possibilities to build a dream home or an enchanting retreat that harmonizes with nature. Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of paradise in this idyllic location. Call now to seize this incredible opportunity and embark on a journey towards an extraordinary life amidst the beauty of Redfield, Arkansas.



Land Size: 6

APN:  001-01517-019

Legal Description: BEG 330.5 FT S OF NE COR SE 1/4 TH S 330.5 FT W 688 FT TO


Property Taxes: $14.06

Title: Warranty Deed

HOA: $0.00

Zoning & Restriction Information


What Can Be Built on the Property: Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Time limit to build? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Are mobile homes allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Mobile home restrictions if any: N/A

Are RV’s allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

RV restrictions if any: N/A

Are Tiny Homes Allowed: Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Is camping allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Camping restrictions if any: N/A

Are container homes allowed? Per County, there are no such restrictions.

Container homes restrictions if any: N/A

 Utilities & Internet Information

Water: Would have to contact Redfield Water Works 501-397-2585

Sewer & Septic: Would have to install a septic.

Electric: Would have to contact Entergy 1-800-368-3749 or C&L Electric Cooperative 870-942-2732

Gas: Would have to contact Winston’s Inc 1-870-942-3141 or Propane Refill at U-Haul 1-870-663-94953

Waste: Would have to contact Redfield Water Works 501-397-2585

Additional Notes: Per Redfield Water Works, They provider water and trash services there. However, there is no sewer.

Municipal and County Officials

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning Department: (Website)

Jefferson County Assesor Office: 870-541-5344 (Website)

Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office: 870-541-5313 (Website)

Jefferson County Recorder or Circuit Clerk Office: 870-541-5322 (Website)

GIS Website for Jefferson County, AR

What’s Nearby

Things to Do

31 Min – Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts – 27.1 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

31 Min – William J. Clinton Library and Museum – 27.2 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

31 Min – Historic Arkansas Museum – 27.4 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

32 Min – Museum of Discovery – 27.3 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

32 Min – H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden – 27.6 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

32 Min – Old State House Museum – 27.7 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

32 Min – Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site – 28.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

33 Min – Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum – 28.5 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

33 Min – Little Rock Zoo – 30.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

35 Min – The Old Mill – 30.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

Nearby National, State, and Local Parks

30 Min – MacArthur Park – 26.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

31 Min – William E. Clark Presidential Park Wetlands – 27.1 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

33 Min – Julius Freckling Riverfront Park – 27.5 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

35 Min – Allsopp Park – 30.3 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

38 Min – Emerald Park – 32 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

38 Min – Burns Park – 33.4 Miles (Driving Directions)

41 Min – Murray Park – 32.8 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

43 Min – Plum Bayou Mounds Archeological State Park – 40.6 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

50 Min – Two Rivers Park – 42.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

1 Hr 12 Min – Hot Springs National Park – 73.9 Miles (Learn More) (Driving Directions)

Local Towns Nearby

11 Min – Kearney, AR – 6.4 Miles (Driving Directions)

14 Min – Hensley, AR – 8.5 Miles (Driving Directions)

14 Min – Jefferson, AR – 8.7 Miles (Driving Directions)

14 Min – English Place, AR – 8.8 Miles (Driving Directions)

17 Min – Woodson, AR – 10.2 Miles (Driving Directions)

17 Min – Eastwood, AR – 11.2 Miles (Driving Directions)

19 Min – Samples, AR – 13.3 Miles (Driving Directions)

21 Min – Orion, AR – 14.1 Miles (Driving Directions)

21 Min – Lakeside, AR – 14.8 Miles (Driving Directions)

22 Min – Rottaken, AR – 13.9 Miles (Driving Directions)

46 Min – Plum Bayou, AR – 37.8 Miles (Driving Directions)

53 Min – Bredlow Corner, AR – 48 Miles (Driving Directions)

55 Min – Wright, AR – 43 Miles (Driving Directions)

55 Min – Wampoo, AR – 48.2 Miles (Driving Directions)

Closest Major City

2 Hr 24 Min – Memphis, TN – 161 Mile – Population 628,127 (Driving Directions)

4 Hr 15 Min – Tulsa, OK – 298 Miles – Population 411,401 (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 1 Min – Garland, TX – 332 Miles – Population 242,035 (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 1 Min – Plano, TX – 341 Miles – Population 288,253 (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 20 Min – Dallas, TX – 340 Miles – Population 1.288 Million (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 45 Min – Arlington, TX – 360 Miles – Population 392,786 (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 46 Min – Saint Louis, MO – 373 Miles – Population 293,310 (Driving Directions)

5 Hr 54 Min – Baton Rouge, LA – 325 Miles – Population 222,185 (Driving Directions)

6 Hr 27 Min – Kansas City, MO – 450 Miles – Population 508,394 (Driving Directions)

6 Hr 44 Min – New Orleans, LA – 408 Miles – Population 376,971 (Driving Directions)

Address & Coordinates

You can view the land anytime provided that it’s available

The actual address as it appears on tax record is: Undefined , Redfield, AR72132 (Google Map)

How To Buy This Land? Very Simple 4 Step Process Below

Step 1: Contact us to get a Purchase Agreement

Step 2: Once all parties have signed. A $1,000 deposit required with escrow and closing agent. You’ll need to come up with rest of the funds at the time of closing.

Step 3: Await title company to come back clean/clear. Usually takes 10-15 days to process title.

Step 4: Once all is complete, you’re land owner!

* Please note that the information provided is based on current knowledge and could be subject to change. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all details and perform their due diligence before purchasing the property.


Updated on January 31, 2024 at 3:28 pm
  • Price: $34,900
  • Land Area: 6 Acres
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • State: AR
  • County: Jefferson
  • City: Redfield
  • Address ARROWHEAD RD, REDFIELD, AR, 72132
  • Zip/Postal Code 72132

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