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Land is definitely not on peoples radar in today’s market. Even the thought of buying land seems out of the question for most real estate investors.

Everyone buying real estate is familiar with the basic concept. Buy a house, fix it, and flip it for massive profits. After a few repetitions useful times of doing this, you develop a nest egg well worth your career in house flipping business.

The downside to this strategy is buying a piece of house in today’s seller’s market that you aren’t being outbid or worst slim profit deals.

Land is Cheap Investment

When you hear the term “Land Investment for Sale,” you are probably thinking about a parcel that doesn’t make sense to build or yet have no clue what to do with the land. This is where it gets interesting because the property is very cheap to buy. Best of all, should you secure financing, or best of all, have the cash to spend. You can build a decent size house at a fraction of the cost, and make a killing!

Low Maintenance or no Maintenance at all.

WIth land, you aren’t paying for any maintenance at all unless you hire someone to cut your grass. Then, taxes are for the most part cheap because you’ll get assessed based on land value. So even if you are still getting your ducks on a roll the maintenance factor to hold the land is relatively cheap.